The British Management Data Foundation – Company Profile

The British Management Data Foundation (BMDF) was formed in 1979.  It is an independent body concerned with matters affecting the performance and the global competitiveness of its member companies to whom it gives independent advice, information and data.

The BMDF is an independent organisation and does not receive any funding from official or government sources. It is non-profit making, limited by guarantee and is funded solely by members’ annual subscriptions.

The aim of all BMDF activities is to identify and analyse current core issues and by achieving a better understanding of these, enable more informed decision-making.

Activities include review meetings and the issue of data and information on a wide range of current matters of importance to industry.

The British Management Data Foundation has developed into a unique forum enabling constructive co-operation to take place in an informal, supportive and effective manner to provide base data on current core issues and to act as a centre for independent advice and data on matters affecting the performance and global competitiveness of British Industry.