The Treaty of Lisbon in Perspective

The Lisbon Treaty in Perspective

including the consolidated texts of the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, as modified by the Treaty of Lisbon, with all Protocols and Declarations as signed in Lisbon on 13 December 2007

448 pages

Independent, Objective, Clear and Understandable

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The Treaty of Lisbon in Perspective

This is the fifth major book we have produced on the Treaties which form the primary law of the European Union and it follows the general format of our previous books.

This publication of 448 pages on A4 paper contains the complete text of the two consolidated Treaties and the Protocols and Declarations, as signed on 13 December 2007 in Rome.

There are extensive analyses, including the key issues and the changes to the voting arrangements in the Council for each area, a fourteen-page detailed index and pertinent additional papers, including the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Laeken Declaration.

We have annotated each article in the consolidated treaties with a reference to show either its link with the earlier Treaty [either the Treaty on European Union – TEU – or the Treaty establishing the European Community – TEC ] and article numbers or to the Constitution or whether it is a new article in the Treaty of Lisbon. In addition, we have prepared detailed summaries of the key issues and the changes from unanimity to qualified majority voting in the Council.

The publication includes:

Each Treaty article number is annotated to show the origin of the article from the Treaties as amended by the Treaty of Nice and from the Constitution and the change in numbering introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon;

The text of the articles in both the Treaties and the Protocols is highlighted to show the changes introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon and differentiated to show the changes brought forward from the Constitution and the text which is new in the Treaty of Lisbon;

The revised Charter of Fundamental Rights, as signed on 12 December 2007. The Charter forms part of the primary law of the European Union and is shown with the changes made to the original text of 7 December 2000 highlighted in bold text;

Detailed analysis and review of the key subjects and issues including those particularly affecting business and industry;

A synopsis of pertinent Articles;

A review and summary of the background to the Treaty of Lisbon, including the differences between Lisbon and the Constitution, and the Principal Issues and Key Points

A table of business concerns;

New legislative procedures with table of changes from “unanimity” to “qualified majority voting” (QMV);

Additional relevant papers including the text of the Treaty of Lisbon (excluding the amendments to the treaties and the Protocols), the Tables of Equivalences in the Treaty of Lisbon, the Berlin Declaration of 25 March 2007, three speeches given at the signing of the Treaty, papers from the European Parliament and the Commission relating to the Treaty and the Laeken Declaration;

A comprehensive Subject Index and a table prepared by the BMDF to assist tracing articles from the draft Constitution to the consolidated text.